About Us

Jordan Skipper


 "I am the founder of Our Time Films. I screen write, direct and edit our films and my goal is to build a business that transcends film and what it can do for people. 

I developed a passion for filming while making YouTube videos of my adventures traveling to places like Havasu Falls, Iceland & Hawaii. I enjoy working with the team at Our Time Films and telling stories in creative ways." 

Rico. g


 "My inspiration to rap came from inspiration during my five years in New York, experiencing a series of unfortunate untimely death, as well as my need to fill a void when my life as an athlete ended" 

BD Dang


 "Just a kid at Disney World w/ a digital camera capturing moments for memories. Fast forward 15 years later, still filming with a passion, behind the camera. Glad to be part of a Our Time Films." 

Gabe Hurst


Filmmaker for 6 years directing and producing music videos, commercials, and now short films. A visionary at heart that wants to change the world for the better through film. Graduated w/ Bachelors of Science in Multimedia Arts from Platt College San Diego. 

Marvin Gabriel


" Before I started working with the camera I didn’t have any solid passion. The reason being is because everything else I tried to make my passion was self centered. When I started to realize that being behind the camera could be utilized to put others first, I then found my true purpose. Not just to tell my story but to help tell others. "

Glen Durmas


"I've been engulfed in the world of videography for roughly a year and a half. I picked up a camera and never looked back. I truly believe no matter what you do, it's your job to tell your story. I chose to tell mine through video"

Channthea Sim


I have always been a social bug and I got introduced to film by traveling and sharing my adventures on YouTube. I help support the film team during filming sessions and make sure everyone is on time to complete their tasks.

Alexandria Hartwell


I am an Oakland, CA native currently living in the Bay Area. I am a recent college graduate with a BS in Managerial Economics and a minor in Political Science from UC Davis. I have always been interested in film and everything that goes into it. I am very happy to be apart of OUR TIME FILMS. There are so many different and diverse stories to be told and created ut there and I'm very excited to see what we can do with it all. 

Allison Hill


She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. There she began her study in dance and theater arts at a young age. After high school Allison moved to San Francisco, California where she continues her training in film and stage. Allison's work can be seen in several upcoming web-series and independent films. When not acting Allison works as a freelance model, photographer, and creative designer. 

About Us

Mark McHenry


In my last semester at SFSU for theatre and film. I have always had an interest in making films and putting on shows, started acting when starting college and love being involved on and off the stage and screen. The work has helped me find myself when I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I love the art and will make the most of every opportunity.

Tiphereth Banks


Tiphereth Banks aka Heru (April 1994 - ) I am an Multimedia Artist & Entrepreneur, that was born & raised in the Bay Area. I graduated from Oakland High School in the year of 2012, & I’m currently a registered student at Berkeley City College, majoring in Studio Art and Public Art. At an early age, I had grown a strong passion for art. I have created art that has been put in contests, competitions, art shows, exhibitions, & worked on mural projects between the years of 2007 up until now. While working at an art based youth training program as a junior artist, from the years 2011 - 2013, I discovered another passion of my own; to help teach & supporting the youth of the urban community. Since, I've been actively an advocate for youth in the Bay Area & planning out my next move to successfully create an enterprise that benefits the youth in my community.



Jade Jewel Sims is an aspiring co-host, actress, & model in the Bay Area. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, she attended Sobrante Park elementary where she found her love for the arts in a theater production at age 10. Since then, she decided to pursue her career in performing arts at Skyline High School where she was also, on the track team, in leadership, volunteer work, & a Christian group , "Young Life." During her senior year in high school, she performed for preview nights and had an opportunity to play a model in the 2014 Fall Production Funny Face.